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We are currently implementing more features and incase you encounter any issues that has to do with deposit and withdrawals, please kindly send all details: your email, your transactions to or telegram support: @EcomSupport.

Crypto card

EcomToken은 자신의 생태계에서 자신의 상효를 등록되어 있는 Debit Card, Credit Card를 위해 은행과 제휴하여 하드 카드 유형으로 Master Card,Visa를 발급한다. 이 유틸리티에서 Ecom Wallet은 디지털 자산을 투자자의 동전으로 은행 카드와 연결하여 실제 자산과 디지털 자산을 원활하게 연결함으로써 투자자가 EcomToken 생태계의 모든 거래 및 소비에서 디지털 자산을 사용할 수 있는다.


EcomToken Wallet wallet은 현재 1.0 버전으로 현재 BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, True USD, USD Coin, ZRX, Maker (MRK), BAT, Huobi Token (HT) 등의 주요 동전을 지원합니다. , VeChain (VEN). 지갑은 EcomToken의 AI 및 Smart Contract를 통해 지갑에서 ECK와 동전 사이에 동전을 인출하고 돈을 받고 교환 할 수 있습니다. 사용자는 동전을 EcomToken 지갑에 보낼 수 있습니다. 시장 환율 (coinmarketcap)에 따라 하루에 USD로 변환 된 값을 기반으로 사용자는 고정 된 시간 프레임에서 시스템에 의해 자동으로 지불되는 일일이자 금액을받습니다.

동시에 EcomToken 지갑에있는 동전의 가치가 시장에 따라 증가하면 고객은 즉각적인 유동성을 갖기 위해 언제든지 철회 할 수 있으며 구입 가격이 있으면 시스템에서이자를 받기 위해 다시 보낼 수 있습니다 허용되는 가격으로 동전을 넣으십시오. 기적으로도 투자자들에게 높은 수익을 보장하고 시장이 성장함에 따라 고객의 수입은 증가합니다. EcomToken 생태계의 지갑에는 시스템에서 구매 및 판매 된 모든 제품을 토큰화할 수있는 기능이 있으며 ECK는 생태계의 기반으로 변환됩니다. 이 기능을 통해 생태계의 모든 제품을 ECK / BTC, ECK / ETH 쌍을 통해 btc, eth ..와 같은 시장 주화와 교환하고 교환 할 수 있습니다. 전자 화폐 시장의 위 아래로 이익을 얻는다. EcomToken 생태계의 모든 제품

EcomToken Wallet의 인공 지능 기술: EcomToken은 BotTrader라는 기술을 제공합니다. BotTrader는 RSI, EMA, Bollinger Band, Stoch, StochRSI, Ichimoku, ADX, MFI 등 모든 전문 거래가들이 사용하는 첨단 기술 지표와 AI 기술을 사용합니다. 게다가, BotTrader는 Trailing Stop, DCA와 같은 현명한 거래 전술로 미리 프로그램되어 있습니다 - 평균 가격을 잡으면, Reversal Trading - 장기 하락세 시장 일 때 다시 거래합니다. BotTrader는 알고리즘 소프트웨어가 처리하는 일련의 거래입니다. 컴퓨터는 시간과 가격을 분석하고 시간과 장소를 결정하는 다른 지표를 제공합니다 투자자를위한 자동 주문 입력. 거래가 자동으로 100 % 완료됩니다. 전화로 매시간, 매분마다 또는 매초마다 가격 견적을 지속적으로 따르는 투자자는 더 이상 없을 것이다

참조 코드가없는 경우 참조 코드를 사용할 수 있습니다. jc4s6rgtoz

bot trader

ECom bot

BotTrader의 가장 큰 장점은 사전 프로그래밍 된 모든 거래소에서 낮은 구매 포인트를 스캔 한 후 수천 개의 거래 주문을 제공함과 동시에 BotTrader는 그 거래 층. 거래소에 동전의 가격 차이가있을 때 BotTrader는 가격 차이로 동시에 수천 개의 주문을 판매합니다. 따라서 BotTrader는 사용자에게 한 달에 30-40 %의 잠재적 이익을 극대화 할뿐만 아니라 사용자 포트폴리오에 대한 유동성 특성도 매우 높습니다.

ECom Mall

Tokenization of commodity products (transactions via Public Blockchain or Private Blockchain). This feature helps enterprise customers of the EcomToken ecosystem have the tools to promote, favour, expand and engage their consumer customers and also be the end users of EcomToken. This is the marketing and user strategy of EcomToken, through the enterprise customers to pull the end user to EcomToken. (Corporate customers are wholesale and retail companies, import – export companies). Ecommall provide many services as: collaboration service, community services, integrate business solutions, global shipping include warehouse and shipping services

EcomToken will be among the major accepted currency for shopping on this malls aside the stab!e currency like Btc, ETH,Ripple,XLM, EOS and so on. The utility and user case of project is the major goal in place. Users are needed to select their kind of account either as a user or a merchant. Many merchant services services will be available for people who want to sell their goods and services. A forensic approach to checkmate user-merchant activities will be put in place to make it safe for all our users to trade safely in the best shopping mall ever.

Delivery system will enable movement from anywhere in the world because we will have the best form of transportation system like dhl readily available to convey our goods and services to users all over the world with no restrictions. Purchase availability of goods will be on merchant competitive basis. When there is a good competitive environment for businesses to thrive it helps the user to appreciate the services offered in those places. Blockchain will be the major yardstick and priority to this effect. The whole world will appreciate the use of blockchain after Ecomtoken ecosystem. Every form of goods and services will be available for users and merchant to trade. It will be noted that our shopping mall, music store and all our products will work together with each other for a better user experience.

ECom trading

Ecomtrading helps increase profits for developers, give lots of commission on trading volume of customers, organization, system, and individuals who are willing to make use of our bot with a top notch in artificial intelligence produced by our list of experts. For new users, forex trading would be more easier and better as you watch ecom bot do the work for you with our expertise. Ecom trading is a product developed to mitigate the most problems associated with forex trading exchanges, we have vast number of product to unveil such as our high intelligence trading bot known as ECOMBOT. payment can be catched out easily with the most favourable methods such as crypto etc. Our expert advisors will guide on trading and use of control and speed of accuracy within the AI ECOMBOT. The end point is the profit structure and disbursement of capital after trading. We will make use of informations of our trading signals from our vast artificial intelligence to boost the capital intensity and disburse the same informations to our users that make use of our products. The risk control ecosystem of Ecomtoken will deliver the low risk trading format and bring down risk control to the lowest level thereby shielding the new users who are not experts in forex trading. We will enable a friendly environment for our new trader users who wanna go safe, low spread and use of variety of the Information from the AI bot. We will implement the use of most stable cryptocurrencies and also Ecomtoken (ECK) Gymrewards (GYM) as a means of payment and rest methods available. Our Global trading terminal will ensure that we are trading with the right steps and accurate data policy.


  1. 2018
    Q2 2018: Make ideas and have deployed on the web to have productsQ4 2018: Build complete teams and experience in the field of e-wallets
  2. 2019
    Q1 2019: Development of software on the phone, websiteQ3 2019: Global FX trading launching of ECOMBOT (EcomTrading)Q4 2019: Introduce CryptoCard Q4 2019: Launches EcomMall (E-commerce)
  3. 2020
    Q1 2020: Reaching milestone 1 million usersQ2 2020: Amount of 1 year trading FX can reach the number 1 billion USDQ4 2020: Launch Visa/Master Card include Cryptocurrency
  4. 2021
    Q2 2021: A milestone of 8 million usersQ3 2021: Amount of 1 year trading can reach 20 billion USDQ4 2021: Participaton of 3 millions companies, groups.
  5. 2022
    Q2 2022: Become the most popular leading software globallyQ4 2020: Amount of annual transactions can be up to 100 billion USD
  6. 2023
    Q2 2023: EcomWallet will achieve the goal of bringing the international marketQ4 2023: Make the economy without cash use

Token Distribution

The ECK token is utility token, which is ERC 20. Total market supply is 101 million ECK Token
  • Token Sale - 38%
  • Referal Program - 25%
  • Reserve - 22%
  • Team, Partners, Advisors - 15%

Funds Allocation

  • Tech development – 15% (Technology & Product New products and feature upgrades to the ecosystem)
  • Business development – 15% (Business Development Build value-adding joint ventures with industry leaders)
  • Marketing – 10% (Marketing Global promotion and education of the EcomToken ecosystem)
  • Operation – 40% (Operations Maintain world class administrative, legal and customer support)
  • EcomSystem development – 20% (EcomSystem development reserve funds for unexpected contingencies)

Team & Advisor

Juan Pablo Fernández


I'm founder and CEO of my own sport services business, since a 18 years old tennis professor in 2004 until now, managing a healthy company. I bring all my business background to startups, helping them to get his goals and objectives.Always interested in new technologies and finance, the blockchain is my passion from 2015, forex trader from 2010

D Kumar Junas

Co-Founder / ICO | STO Advisor. Founder CryptoCentral, ICODDADY

Post graduate in Master's of Engineering from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, India. A driven individual specialising in IT industry with 14 years’ of work experience in Education and Training field. Junas deliver experiences that build brand affinity

Tochukwu Kennedy

Co-Founder/ Blockchain Advisor/Exchange Listing

Tochukwu Kennedy. M. (Lord Bruce) is a versatile online guru who has a vast experience with blockchain. A former blogger and a top entrepreneur. Worked as an advisor to many successful projects.

Maura Bărbulescu

Marketing Advisor

Maura Barbulescu is the descendant of a long line of entrepreneurs with business in multiple areas, from agriculture and real estates to mass-media and ICO investments. After graduating as Valedictorian from Vasile Goldis Western University of Arad with a major in Marketing

Rajat Joshi

PR/Marketing Advisor

As the Business Development manager at Blocketo, I focus mainly on my sales team but I also have the opportunity to collaborate cross-departmentally to improve internal processes, create sales enablement tools and weigh-in on our go to market strategy

Charmaine Maravilla

Marketing Manager

Community Management, Client Service Oriented, and Negotiation are my top skills and I believed I'm very fit for this position. I can easily learn the project and assist community/clients regarding the project and its progress as well

Mohamad Alikhani

Community Mannager

I have some assistants who help me, but I can easily manage group day by day. My experience in managing telegram groups is high

Arif Islam

Business Man

Admin at Bitribe, vanm,nodis,soct community Angel at zb bitribe dacc qobit



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